They all left, left me paralyzed,
I seek the reason why.

I am drown in setbacks,
Knock down by tiniest attacks.
Failure and Frustration smother me in dread,
Shame and Stress stop me from ahead.
The whole world passing by, "Don't fall behind",
But my body won't comply.

People sneer, people loath,
For I live in tears and woe.
Believe in the world I belong,
So very wrong.
Afraid of making mistakes,
Simply just pray, not to be awake.

Day by day,
I shut myself away.
Until time conceals my existence,
Until I become invisible in the distance.
Desire, Passion and Motivation disappear,
I am left in a state of drear.

They all left, left me paralyzed,
Now I recognize, while I numbly die.

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