Left behind

The moonlight is so bright, there is white that falls in the night. It's cold, wet, and something I can't hide from. Why is the air so crisp? Maybe it's just my pure, gentle flesh. The dawn comes forward, unmasking the dark. Why is it so fixated, my heart. There is nothing for me here, I must confess. For some reason it's black again, but it's not the sky. I know it's my head, I must ask why. My knees, they shake from frozen Zephyre. Falling to the ground, suddenly I tire. My body grows weaker, but I cannot give up. I glow and envelop my will to keep moving. Do you see the picture I'm painting. It's not with brushes, it's not with paint. You won't understand. The rays, the moon can't even comprehend. My hair is white, I'm faded now. Come on, capitulate one's self. The forest, my favourite place. It falls, it falls with grace. What do I speak of you ask? The world made from my soul. One that's so pitiful. Broken, broken, broken. He has finally spoken. The trees, they sway. Oh, my body, it lays. It's time for me to be awoken. I wait for the snow to kiss my lips. So I can finally see what I have missed. I will forget the numbing sensations. For I have been sleeping. Please don't leave me here, I don't want to hold his hand anymore. I'm tired of seeing what's behind death's door. While fear holds my hand as we are forgotten forevermore...

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This Poems Story

This was a poem I had written while laying on my couch, it was late and I decided to write this poem. My feelings were mixed and so the words flowed like water. This poem is about a loved one who was turned away, ignored and so they grow old waiting for their shattered heart to be picked up off of the floor, but no.. this person waits their entire life, throwing everything away, their hopes and dreams not even around to save them. Then soon this person had lived their life, passing away alone. I'm their afterlife they realized they had nobody to remember them. They realized it was too late and so they gave in to deaths wishes and held "his" hand ever so tightly, accepting that they will be forgotten very quickly seeing as they had nobody by their side to remember them.