Left Behind

Here's to the running from the fears of left behinds
No need to run
Turn that pace to a jog
Not too fast not too slow
Just enough time to feel the salt between your cuts
Watch the shore dance with you
While you heal brand new
I'm talking about seasoned bruises
The ones interlocked between souls and clues
Metal deep
Pick me ups
Let God sweep you off your feet
No need for love when you can barely love yourself
Standing on reservationed clouds
When you've barely felt presence of land
How did i know you were going to stop cloud 9
Hit bottom before even attempting to touch the ground
Like wise I feel you be low or get high
But those highs can only last for so long without repercussions
I know you already know about those
So look out to those who have already learned not how to fall
But how to fly
Treasuring the footsteps before the flight
After you know it everything will be alright

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