Left Behind by Thieves

As young as I can remember, you stole from me-
My love of freedom, self and birthright was stolen at infancy.
I worked hard and long to save part of me from you;
You found ways to slowly rob from behind and in the dark.
You stole the concept of the consuming one, and made it you.
Everything I treasure, you find and take as yours-without permission
or even a consideration of me.
I cried in the dark, alone in the street, "Police, please, help!"
I am only numbers on a police report in a pile.
My lifetime earnings and cherished memories of family and children
you stole for no purpose;
Thieves with unjustified hatred and greed are the villain.
Left behind, alone, with nothing but your lack of consideration
to other humans.
Thieves of human lives who disrespect our human mothers
are the villains.
As the two small boys approach me alone in the dark on the street
left behind with nothing,
I thank them for asking to help."Can I envision a way for
you to help?"I ask myself in silent tears.
"Please, let us help,"they say. "We were left alone by our parents,
and it is dark."
As they hold a phone with no cable in their small hands of youth,
my silent tears flow.
Selfish thieves of a narcissistic society, out for only number one
at all costs, are the villains.
Left behind alone, with nothing but the stars-there only Christ
is my neighbor, and my mission begins.

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