left in the wind

Left in the wind
With a bottle of wine
Hear the rattling
Hear the sounds chyme
Nothin left inside
But wasted time
Glass of Shiraz in one hand
Sauvignon blanc in the other
Glass, don’t bother
Tilt your head back farther
Drink from the bottle
Mouth guzzling
Brain puzzling
Thoughts cluttering
Tongue stuttering
Like a telekinesis
Trying to put the pieces
Back to the chair
That you threw at the wall
Watching the stucco fall
Pit-pat patterin
Blood slatherin
Against the forehead
Curtains gathering
Shards of glass
Half attempted clean up
Vomit running
Tear drops falling
Feeling pain
Because it’s the same game
Laughing at the thought
That you thought things could be different
When left in the wind

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Key Words : wind, vomit, wine

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