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The day you left me

Im sitting there staring
you're packing your bags
your whispered words hanging in the air
my heart sits there and sags
Your suitcase lies on the mattress
the tears roll down my face
how did we get into this madness
what's the point in this breathtaking chase
I beg you not to leave
but you ignore my cries
being a child of a broken home
it shouldn’t be much of a surprise
That painful memory haunts me
a sweet sorrow of the past
why couldn't you just see
a love of a mother is supposed to last
I sat there and watched as you left
you looked straight into my eyes
as if you were apologizing and expecting me to forget
as if you were expecting me to stop all my cries
But that pain, it’s stayed with me
I don’t think it will ever leave
because that cost of you just wanting to be free
was leaving behind your child, alone, scared and feeling deceived.
All I have left of you
is the button off your coat
almost as if it was by fate
and that's why I leave you this note
Yes I miss you, it's true
I do every day
but if your mother did that to you
what would you have to say

The day I left you

I’m running around packing
You're sitting on the bed
Tears are running, our hearts are cracking
but i need to escape from this mess in my head
you sit there on the mattress
you beg me not to go
but you're too young to understand the madness
and how it fell apart years ago
You beg me, you plead
you don't want me to leave
But please understand
The toll this is taking on me
I don't want to go away
It's so hard to say goodbye
My little girl is broken
But I can't fix it , not this time
As I left in a hurry
Trying to escape from my past
I look in your eyes
And pray that your hatred won't last
For I am your mother
I was supposed to stay
I was supposed to watch over you
But instead I ran away
I got your note this evening
It tore me to shreds
I don't think I'll ever stop grieving
Tears stain my face, they leave a tint of red
Baby I love yes I do
I miss you everyday
and if my mother did that to me
I wouldn't be able to say that it's okay


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