Legend of the Lighthouse

Legend of the Lighthouse

Long ago in a faraway land,
A pirate king stood with his cutlass in hand,
On mighty waves his ship did sway,
As he saw a sea creature swim fast away,
With a twinkle in his eye,
And a pounding in his heart,
The pirate king chased the monster ‘til dark,
The creature grew tired and decided to hide,
But the pirate was too close and jumped on its side,
They fought for a while but the pirate king won,
He slew the sea creature and the battle was done,
To the king’s surprise he saw shiny things,
Fall out of the creature like gold coins and diamond rings,
One of those things was an amulet hid,
But not by the monster but by a male witch named Sid,
Sid was silly and Sid was great,
But when he turned into the sea creature it was a little too late,
The pirate king now rich from Sid’s treasure,
Set out to bury it on the island of forever,
Every twenty years the island reappeared,
Like a spark of a fire and whisper in your ears,
The pirate king planned to come back and dig,
But in twenty years he forgot where and what he had hid,
Two hundred years later and on the right day,
A seagull flying above saw what looked like a Cray,
It wasn't a Cray it was the amulet of Sid,
Which gave special powers of life it truly did,
Now in its beak it flew far away,
To a remote coastal town somewhere near Maine,
The sun disappeared behind clouds of dark blue,
While the seagull found it hard to fly straight and true,
So it headed to a lighthouse not too far away,
Then landed on its massive stones of dark gray,
Thunder cracked and strong winds blew,
The seagull grew scared and didn’t know what to do,
The amulet was dropped and fell into a crack,
The seagull tried but couldn’t get it back,
With an explosion of light the lighthouse began to glow,
Then opened its eyes and said, “Hello!”
The seagull was scared and flew fast away,
As the clouds began to break revealing the day,
For the first time in its life the lighthouse was alive,
And was more than amazed what it saw with its own eyes,
It looked at the ocean then at the sky,
And then at the seagull that flew up high,
The seagull stopped and decided to come back,
To help the lighthouse learn who it was and where it was at,
It rested its legs on a red rail and began to tell the lighthouse of a grand tale,
It was the tale of a brave baby bird,
Who couldn't fly at first until it heard,
A snake slithering nearby climbing up the tree,
And when it got close it jumped to get free,
It flapped its wings and began to fly,
Gliding on the wind and soaring through the sky,
The lighthouse was happy when it heard,
The escape and safety of the brave baby bird,
The seagull explained the tale was of me,
And you shouldn't be afraid of what you may experience and see,
For Life is a miracle and should be treated that way,
For we are all important in our own special way,
Just like the sun that brings a new day,
Or even the moon who takes it away,
You are a lighthouse,
Who keeps ship away,
From shallow shores and rocks hidden below the bay,
Your bright brilliant light shines the way,
Protecting sailors during storms with large waves of dismay,
Be happy, lighthouse, for now you see,
That you have purpose and are special like me,
And now I must leave you and go on my way,
For both our journeys separate us in our own special way.

The End

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