Legend of the Queen of Kings

1490--heart still whole, harmonizing with another

mind still sinless, slave to the heart's flutter

sixteen years, a body unclothed and a bare soul

nine new moons to prepare for a lifetime's role

little darling, taken, torn from the whole

shamed and shunned and banished by blood

and a name dragged through the mud

1492--a healing heartache promising dawn

caught in a game of kings as a pawn

a daring victim wrangling fate

fight and flight and a bitter checkmate

undead survivor with a clean slate

1864--two hearts infected in her treacherous games

frozen heart thrown out to thaw in their flames

action reaction a cover blown

no one's life before her own

two hearts left to rot alone

fight and flight and no good-bye

and a century of them asking why

2010--the tables have turned and her death will be slow

but she found little darling, lost long ago

condemned for her sins, judged for her past

dragged out of church into Hell at last

she won't go gentle, she won't go numb

she'll make a deal with the devil, she won't succumb

she'll breathe fire and see Satan atone,

she'll claim her crown and ascend the throne

she'll fight for everything, set hell alight

and reign for eternity as the lady of night

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This Poems Story

When I moved to LA from Tbilisi, Georgia, English was the fourth lanugage I learned. Years later, I was tutoring English as a UCLA freshman when I read W. E. Henley's "Invictus." I was deeply inspired. Could I do that too? That same night, writers of my favorite show happened to kill off my favorite character. No one before her had been condemned to hell, but they deemed her sins worse than others'. I'd never written a poem before, but I needed to tell her story. They weren't going to strip her of her legacy. Katerina-rest in revolution.