Lego Body

I want to take my body apart and put it back together.

Put it together with parts that don’t have reminders of you.

I want a new back
One that you didn’t kiss down the left side
that I can’t feel your tongue on

I want a new mouth that doesn’t hold the taste of your high

I want new breast
Ones that don’t have your bite marks and saliva
that aren’t so soft you just have to have them

I want a new neck
One that you didn’t suck while i pulled away
that your unwelcome hands didn’t grab

I want a new ass
One that you weren’t putting your hand print on

I want new eyes that didn’t stare into yours as I said you should stop

new hands that weren’t constantly pulling yours away

new thighs that you didn’t touch and I fought to keep closed

a new brain that doesn’t replay this night over and over

And I want a new heart that doesn’t hurt from you

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