Legs Lost, Body Gone, Brain Dead

Hands clenched, eyes closed, legs lost.
Only you can shield me from a pain such as this.
Tears flow, quiet sobs, body gone.
How can a pain be caused and healed by the same eyes,
now so empty, with no intention of seeing tomorrow.
Head pounds, heart hurts, brain dead.
You, my love, are gone and cannot protect me from such pain.

How can it be that you have suddenly vanished?
I can only hope that you are someplace safe.
My selfish request is to have you back.
I fear of losing you completely, though you have already left.
Was it your desire to leave me so alone?

If I could have been with you in that final hour,
would we be living how we were before?
If I had been calling to you to come back to me,
would you have left your death bed to lay in my arms,
or allow me to watch in horror as you reached your great demise?
If I had held you with me and kept you from wandering,
would it had saved you the pain of your going,
or would you be pained of not knowing the open world?

The world is not a safe place for a little wandering soul
and maybe you would still be here dreaming
about the other side of the big white gate, but still then,
I can only wish to know how to save a life.

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