Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes, in whims and rhymes
Reminding you softly of far better times
When the air was clear and the sun was hot
And you wasted your days lying half-dead on the lot

Lemons and limes, reminders of times
Where your pockets were emptied but of pennies and dimes
And the liquor store was where all your coins dropped
Onto the counter of that smelly and nasty old shop

Lemons and limes, without sugar too bitter
To swallow whole as tears set eyes bright aglitter
And pastimes too dull to carry on with for long
Before hot summer silence fell apart to fall song

Lemons and limes, those were simpler times
Now our summers become autumn and we work overtime
To make dollars in place of dimes and poor pennies
This wasn't quite how we'd pictured living out our twenties.

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