I shut my eyes until
Darkness becomes my light
And this all becomes nothing

And that nothing becomes less
And less and less.
My thoughts get louder as--

The world gets quieter,
An odd state of radio static
Humming in the back of my ears.

I’ve never been so sure of anything
As I am now sure of nothing.
My skin is being hugged by--

Glass shards from broken bottles
On the sidewalk,
Empty and abandoned--

Like the men who drank them.
Although there is little liquor
In my blood, my thoughts are drunk--

Slurred ideas, staggering days,
I forget what I forgot yesterday,
But no-matter, and I forget again.

With glass in my skin,
I try to shatter it, I try to crush the
Veneer coating of this whole entirety--

Until there is only the
Old plywood, under,
And bloody hands left.

I shut my eyes until this all becomes
Nothing. And that nothing becomes
Less and less and less than it all.

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