Lesson from the Sand

One night, I had a dream; or was it?
Living as a piece of fabric,
I was ready to be knit by the hands of the Lord, willing to be stitched.
God is love.
It took time, but my passion is now affluent; I trust.
Now I know I can love, because He first loved us.
We are made in His image,
This idea is vintage.
I used to be green as spinach...
But from these footprints in the sand I was taught to be a man.
I'm not perfect, problems always follow-
But my faith is forever filling and my soul will never become hollow.
I was told a man works,
So effort I exert, so the Lord can see I'm trying,
While the devil tries to lurk.
I want her to see that she was made from me.
I'm certified to lead you which makes we.
I look in the mirror to see a servant on earth like my Lord,
And seeing her is like hearing a chord on a classic love record.
I hope my thoughts aren't seen as cheesy.
Many are left to Wonder like Stevie.
I know I wasn't dreaming
The result, this poems' birth.
There is nothing wrong with waiting, breaking or staying.
The message I'm relaying is no game; I'm not being deceptive.
Our footprints can walk together.
God works in mysterious ways, and I will not play detective.

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