Lesson Learned

Instinctively thinking on the time frame of changes,
Slowly fills this world with bitterness and hatred.
Asking yourself why is not the question,
But understanding how and what you're best in.
Manipulation is the key is this game called "Love,"
Never show your hands, for the eyes are above.
Taking into consideration the chance that you might lose,
But always ending up on top, never anybody's fool.
One step ahead that's what they always say,
Until your guard is down and then comes the day.
The game is switched and now you pawn,
Chest ripped open, heart on the lawn.
You never thought that you would do it again,
To learn to trust and let someone in.
You take your time; you have your break,
Knowing that won't work and what's at stake.
You try and try till your heart's content
With this make-shift relationship that's broken not bent.
Stuck in a place your heart can't see,
Not wanting to go but not wanting to leave.
Limbo they call it, you know it all too well,
Except it's not limbo, something more like hell.
Can't go backwards in a jungle full of thorns,
Have to move toward the other half that's torn.
Picking up the pieces of your life that's burned,
Now you must grow up with your lesson learned.

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