By Daiah   

When I was little, I wanted to grow so big that I would feel in control.
Now that I am older I want to be so small that I become invisible.
What caused this change? Did I lose or gain? Am I seeing clearer? Am I mislead?
Whatever might be the case, the reality is getting older for me hasn't been so great.
I thought knowing more would help me understand but it left me lost.
I thought trying hard would make me satisfied only to wake up wondering what all this was for.
Life feels like a play because from what I see we are all acting. The funny thing is we are letting our fellow cast members dictate our script when they equally do not know their role.
I thought adulthood was a sign of progress but it looks like I simply had known less.
So, to you who has eyes not dimmed by experiences that are unfair..
To you who smiles without a worry or care..
To you whose heart has more love than hate, dreams than fears..
Don't waste your present gift wishing you were older, take the moment as is and you will be happier.

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