I apologize, if I jumped the gun.
If my love scared you away.
All can’t handle me, very few can.
I apologize, for wasting your time, And for degrading mine.
For seeing something in you that had not yet been born.
I poured and I poured, unaware of the hole in your cup.
As you soared and soared, farther away.
I apologize for fighting for us, and that it took so long to recognize I was fighting alone.
My apologies, for the inconvenience I have caused on my heart.
My sincerest apology for the distress on my part.
My cups half full, and always has been.
In the midst of heartache my senses are keen.
So, thank you for my heartbreak.
It works for my craft.
And thankyou for your neglect,
It helped me through it all.
To recognize my strength,
And never being afraid to fall.
There’s a lesson in the pain
And always more to gain.
The beginning of the end where new beginnings, begin.

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