Lessons for a Girl

Put down your pencil,
And pay attention to your class,
Not everyone is like you,
They're all just trying to pass,

That boy who says he loves you,
Just want to get you in private and show you a thing or two,
That girl that says she will be your best friend forever,
Is just waiting for you to fail on an endeavor,
That drug you're trying to hide behind,
Is starting to control your life and you're just blind,
If you submit to depression,
People will always know your facial expression,
A fake smile and big teeth will help to get you through the day,
But when you're in your room crying all you are is radioactive decay,

So if you want to pass this class,
Then you have to learn through a magnifying glass,
Not everything is what it appears,
Look a little closer and you'll find the souvenirs,
Make the best choices for your own life,
Because if you don't you'll end up in a strife,
This class has a pretty good passing rate,
But it's up to you to determine your own fate,
The only grade you'll receive is the one you earn,
So make it count before you get to the point of no return,
This is important so don't just put it on the shelf,
Don't get lost in the crowd just remember to be yourself.

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