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Lessons for life

By N.A.   

Only a 2 years span
But I learnt a lot from them
Not just the lessons for life
But why not to judge a person at first sight

Manisha taught me how to worry
Antra how to smile
And together they brought a balance
To my monotonous life

Can’t forget Skand’s hardworking quality
But it’s Akshat ho taught me modesty
Shreyas inspired me to become strong
While Kanishth aced on how to be friendly to all
Priyanki taught me not to think ill of someone I dislike
Shruti gave me the determination to achieve my goal in life
Though not one of them may know this yet
But when I see them this is the best I get
Saumye taught that a nerd can be cooler than a stud
While Panwar taught not to take everyone on their word

Such short time but the impression they left
It’s something I’ll cherish and never forget.

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    This Poems Story

    It is about the various things I learnt from my friends, qualities I would like to emulate.