Let Dreams Annihilate What Brings Dismay

How can a dreamless world survive that way?
The way of knowledge, yet, have you not searched?
How do you find any treasures, if not searched?
A dreamless world will lead us all astray;
There, chaos and much strife are at display,
The bonds of humanity are weakened.
A lonesome world it makes, with hope differed,
A lost world, where lives are in disarray.
Let dreams annihilate what brings dismay,
With light of truth and knowledge, be guided.
Let those bright rays of hope be at display,
Towards the forward march, thus be guided.
Let dreams then decorate soul and convey
The signs that triumph could so be devised.

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This Poems Story

In a dreamless world, chaos abound. Strife is the result of lack of bonds that would be built when dreams arise. Lack of bonds occur due to the absence of guidance in a world that is lost.