Peace not war is what some people are saying,
Peace throughout the land is what we all are praying.
Saddam has shown that he wants to control all men,
He doesn't even care about destroying his own land.
People want to protest that's your God-given right,
Don't torch our Flag because you don't want to fight.
Freedom of speech is your Constitutional right I agree,
But the Flag isn't just yours it also belongs to me.
You can be patriotic and not want to join the fight,
But a patriot doesn't burn their Flag it just isn't right.
Why wait for tomorrow when we have this hour,
We need to take Saddam and his regime out of power.
If we don't act now for some it may be too late,
Because more people through Saddam may meet their fate.
Don't despise our great leaders for what they have to do,
In order to make this World safe for both me and you.
Go ahead and protest if you feel you must,
Just don't leave my Flag on the ground burnt to dust.
Don't destroy our Flag trusting lives to be saved,
Let our Flag stand tall and let freedom wave.

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