Let Go

I knew it wouldn't be easy,
but no one told me it would be this hard.
I knew eventually the enemy would test me,
But I thought I had the answer key.
I didn't think I could be so naive.
And now i have deep wounds that bleed, and now I sit and weep.
I look above as the tears run down my face,
I look around and see the empty space.
I feel as though I have o walk the path alone.
It's cold and I left my jacket at home.
I wish I had done a better job packing,
But I truly doubt, That anything could just about,
Prepare me, for any of the things I've seen.
I miss her...I miss her too...
I only let her go for you,you said it was what I had to do.
You said you would give me the tools, and I more than trust you.
I just wish it could've ended different,
She hates me, and I feel as though I need to repent.
All my energy is spent...All my energy I spent...
All of my heart I gave...All of her heart she gave
And I had no choice but to throw it all away
I know you're up there making a way
Even though it's hard I'm willing to say
I trust in my faith. Let go and Let God
He'll take the pain away... someday
... And all I have to do... is wait

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