Let It Be

"Let it be" says he. With the world at his feet.
So easy to flee after he lets go of me.
Puts me back in my place. Tears fall down my face.
Nothing but regret. I hope I forget.
"Gorgeous" and "Doll." I fell for it all.
What I did was a fraction. Can't stand his reaction.
I know what love is. It cannot be this.
Dime a dozen is me: and now so is he.
I gave it my best, we failed our first test.
Forget him, move on. He's a heartbreak song.
What purpose was he and purpose of me.
Why is there pain. I won't be the same.
Life is changing. Just rearranging.
Hearts are breaking. Mines up the taking.
I want to feel good. I thought that I would.
It's all been withdrawn. I need to move on.
If lust over love is all that there is
I'd fight for that love, especially his.
Too blind and too proud to want me around.
I'll think of him now and find my way out.
Out of this black love I didn't want to give up.
Let it be. Says me. With the world at my feet.

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