Let It Be We

Once it was four,
But there was always we
We once were crossed fingers,
Now look at we
We is no longer a remembrance,
We is so far from recollection,
We is so far it seems impossible
We can still be we if we accept,
We don't need to reason but we need to accept in order to walk
We can't walk down the path if we break arms with wrath
We can't speak if one does not agree to listen,
We can give opinions but one must decide to take it
It can be we again,
This time we make it through without the battle,
This time it can be we if we set aside our disputes,
It can be we if we want it to be
Let be we so we can see,
Let be we so we won't grief
Let it be,
Just let it be

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This Poems Story

Words have always been a part of me, even listening to music gives me inspiration. When I focus my mind on a particular matter the ideas just pour through giving me a rush of adrenaline. My father was my inspiration to write this piece. The line "Once it was four, / But there was always we" refers to the four of us in my family, but there was always that closeness between my father and I as we were like "cross fingers." My father and I have our ups and downs like any other relationship. Some things were difficult to say to my father so I thought what better way to express my point than through a poem.