Let It Go

On days like this it's supposed to be relaxing,
So why is it that I'm stressing?
It's supposed to be a time to sit back with no worries,
But instead, it's kind of depressing.
The birds are chirping and it's a little annoying,
I feel like they're so free.
But depression is in the way and my mood is down,
Therefore the birds mean nothing to me.
Somehow despite the bad in what I'm feeling,
I kind of find the beauty in what I'm seeing.
I guess after a while when you start to think about it,
Birds represent freedom, and that's what I'm believing.
As I look around, to see the birds circle the trees above and below,
That's when I suddenly realized all I have to do is breathe,
Suck up my pain, and just let it all go.
As I sit here studying the birds, my mind starts to think ahead.
So I cleared my mind, it kept thinking, and this is what it said.
No matter what you've been through, use this moment as a release.
I know you've been through a lot but this could be a relief.
I know it's hard to forget but you have to be strong.
When you start to think about small things you go about it all wrong.
While my mind talks to me I start talking back.
I'm not going to burden myself with problems, I'll get back on track.
Yes I've experienced many things, yes I know it's true.
And hopefully one day I'll be able to let all that other stuff go too.

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