Let Me Be A Shadow

Sometimes I just feel bad.
Some days I just don’t feel remembered by the world.
I’m invisible, just a shadow lurking.
No one sees me; no one knows I’m there.
Some days I just hurt inside.

An unexplained hurt,
An emptiness that is hard to describe so anyone understands.
A shell of the person I know I really am, deep inside,
And the person I want the world to recognize.

Sometimes I just don’t like myself
It leaks over from me onto everyone around me.
They don’t understand,
It’s not about you,
It’s about me.
It’s how I feel today and that has no meaning as to how you feel about me,
Or about how you see me.
It’s all me.
This emptiness and unexplained hurt, this shadow of myself,

Leave me be when I am a shadow of myself.
Leave me to drift along, lurking in the background.
Leave me to pull myself out of this feeling.
I know I’m in here somewhere,
I will reach in and pull myself out
But I don’t need your help today.

Leave me be and let me be a shadow.

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