Let Me Be Me

Been made fun of all of my life
Through it all, I had to fight
From the way I dress
The way I don't try to impress
My size, well, I can't help that
Wishing that people would get off my back
Fake friends, well, they come and they go
In the back of my mind, I know there will be more
Smile in my face and laugh behind my back
I guess I should be used to it by now
Why is all of this put on this one child?
Crying on the inside and smiling on the out
Keeping my pain to myself
Trying to get it all out, with that I need some help
All the men in my life always leave
Wondering if it's because of me
Wanting God to give me a sign so I can see
But for now, get off my back and let me be me

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