Let me cling to you

Let me cling to you
Like a child
Be there for you
Maybe watch your every move
So that when yu turn around
All you see is a mirror

Friends, Bullies, Lovers
Some are real
Some are fake
They are not themselves
For the satisfaction of others

You feel that all restaurants
Should deal with a
"Customer's always right" policy
But how will it feel on the other side
Of the counter
To not be able to tell your
"customers" about what you really think
How you truly feel

Let me cling to you
Like a child
Let me follow you around
And as I do,
I'll realize,
You're clinging to another

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This Poems Story

Imagine spending all your time following someone, trying to be more like them. You try to defend yourself and make up excuses as to why you\'re doing what you\'re doing. Then that angel on your shoulder is telling you that you can\'t really say or think like you because you\'re someone else. You still follow that person around but then you realize that you\'re just following someone who is following another person.