Let Me Die (12/10/11)

I’m tired of being
I’m tired of seeing
It’s too much; it’s so long- let me die
I don’t like trying
I can’t stand the lying
I’m so sick I just cry

Why do they hate me
Beat and berate me
My spirit longs to release into the night’s sky
My life stands still with a sigh
It’s not fair- let me die

My family cut off my arms and legs
So I wait for my scraps and leftovers
Goddamn I’m exhausted, so tired
When will all this be over?

They did this to me
But I stay too tired to leave
I’m in the now and it hurts so much that I seethe
So under its weight I lye
Watching the passers by
Wishing, hoping praying that life would please- let me die

I am the elephant man the monster
Please look away
The eyes burn my skin
The longer I stay
I’m desperate to get away
With each passing day
I no longer want to know why
The stars are so high
The pain is too strong
Have mercy- let me die

I can’t see what you see
I don’t feel what you feel
Every scar is open in me
I don’t know maybe I don’t want to heal

I’m so sick of the same
So hurt by the rain
Too much shit in my lane
It’s my birth that I blame
The days leave me so lame
I’d give anything to buy
The chance to just die- please just let me die

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