Let me help

I love you
Let me help
You’re in pain
Feel alone, feel ashamed
Let me help
When your days are dark
Gloomy or dreary
Life’s road with endless
Chaos, dread and emotions weary
Let me help
Do you seek Chinese Proverbs
And leave your life to chance
Do you weigh yourself down
With emotional circumstance?
Let me help
Do you seek out to know answers to all
satiable curiosity of why
For it’s what unfolds and unlocks the closed mind.
Let me help
Open your mind and your cluttered heart
Look to me to help you get a new start
You are not alone for I am always with you
Your days do not need to be filled with mistakes
The tiring of standards of society which makes
The heart ache
Let me help
I am here, I am there, and I am everywhere
The world is my foot stool
So many lost, so many games, so many fools
But I have chosen you and I stand at your door
This isn’t your battle, this isn’t your war ...
I love you and want to help, all you need to do
Is answer the door, invite me in
I will erase all your sins
Let me help
I will never force myself on you and go against you will
I love you as much as I love my son who died
Up on calvary’s hill
Let me help
don’t look to man to solve your problems
For solutions are only temporary
Everything in life is a choice
Learn to listen to that inner voice
It doesn’t cost you anything because your
Debt has been paid
I am here with you always, I will never fade away
Let me help, don’t turn away from me
Its eternal life for you and my way is the key
I love you, it’s not too late
Don’t look to worldly objects to seal your fate.
Let me help

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