Let Me Know Hate

With every friendly text you send my heart aches more.

A swelling throb encases my chest.

Why do you have to be nice instead of angry and cold?

I can handle a cascade of mean utterances but not a forgiving smile.

I understand you want to be friends.

But show me bitter and chilling hate instead of mercy.

Please let me loathe you.

A loathe with such a heartless hate that even the devil shudders.

Every happy wish you make on my day my heart and soul bleed sorrow.

Let me be angry with you and let me hurt.

Not from my doing but from your doing.

Don't wish me a good day, tell me to burn in hell.

Tell me you never want to see me again, even if it is a lie.

Just please whatever you do stop being a nice guy.

You can yell or scream but don't be nice to me.

My dear ex-lover, let me know hate. 

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