Let Me Leave

It feel like im trapped, please give me my freedom
Like back when they didn't like blacks and even if you wanted to,
you couldn't leave them
In a cage filled with cotton I'am picking,
which will take a minute while listening to the clock ticking
It feel like I'am chained at the hands, feet, and waist.
In a race that I can't finish.
Its like I'am picking at a thorn bush but i can't feel it.
Its like you have my mind and body on lock.
Controlling it with a remote and even when I take the batteries out,
you still have control
But I want to leave,
I want to run and go far away
Somewhere your not,
and i just want to stay
If I didn't want my freedom you would've been slayed
Because I hate feeling like a deer exhausted from pulling the slay.

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