Let Me Love You

Give me the partitions of your life,
Where the notes of sadness and cries are in harmony,
And let me add a new sound which will change your melody,
A note, so powerful, that in the orchestra of your feelings,
It will be like the singing of the roosters, that at dawn we hear
Covering all the other noises.
Just the way bees drsin out nectar from the roses,
Let me get raid of your pain and have this music playing,
Where people will be amazed of the note so high you would be hitting,
Let me get you into this rythm,
at which no one would thought you could be going
I beg you, i just want to.
So let me add this note of joy that will never go away
A sound of hope that in your melody will forever stay
A bew instrument, so nice, you will never want it stop to play,
Let this sound be spread into your vein
And let it wash away all of your pain,
Let get through your heart, and while it's pounding
Let it spread through you, jus think of it , as if it'a new blood
A new way of life, a new style, a new mode
Let me get your life into this mode of creshendo
Where you will never have to think of going back down low
Where the sky, won't even be a limit
Where you could just aim high, and then go above it,
All you have to do, is to let me love you.

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