Let Me Show You

We get along so well, we have our times
So please tell me, why won't you talk to me
I'll try my best to read between the lines
Just let me in and please I'll help you see
That I'm always here, you're never alone

As people say you don't hurt the ones you love
But here I am, I've left you alone when you needed me
Now I'm here waiting for you, i've broken what i've dreamed of
I just want to show you my love that you don't see
Nobody can make me stop, not even the clouds above

Seeing you this way just tears me apart
I should have cared I shouldn't have ignored
I wish you and I could get a fresh start
Get rid of all the anger that we've stored
Leave everything behind and just move on

I love you with the passing of each day
I hate what we've become, where this has led
That's why I'll never leave, I'll always stay
So open up, don't turn your head
Look at me, don't be afraid and just let it all out

You can't make me go, I won't budge
I love you so much I just can't let you go
You can do whatever I won't ever judge
I know I've made mistakes, i want you to know
that I can't live without you

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