Let me take my time with you

Let me take my time with you

After a day of joking around and truly enjoying each other’s company, we wind down with a glass of wine and a movie. My heart races with you laying in my arms as I long to taste your lips. With a stretch you arch your back rubbing them soft ass cheeks on my already pulsating night stick. We make eye contact as you look back at me. I bite my lip to keep from attacking your luscious lips with passionate fireworks exploding Bomb bursting in air heart fluttering kisses. I squeeze you tightly while taking a deep breath “danm you smell good” I think to myself and let out a sigh gently blowing your neck before I kiss it soft and slow. Your hand reaches back I can feel you run your fingers through my locks pulling me closer as you whisper in my ear “Don’t stop”! Then finally, you make fist pulling my locks and bring your lip into mines. Colliding to create make bliss. I began exploring your goddess of a body as I’m gently squeezing, rubbing, caressing,and now kissing your breast. I make my way to your treasure chest. And kiss those lips through your lace panties taking my time as I begin to kiss your inner thighs. Emotions out of control heart racing I remove the barrier between your lips and mines as I start my feast on your nectar. Intoxicated by your moans of ecstasy I suck and lick on your clitoris following rhythm of your body my fingers massage that magical spot inside of you. You twitch, kick,and beg me to stop.But I have a mission, so I stay on task bringing you to climax. This turns me on more so I refuse to stop tasting your pleasure juices, continuing until again you explode with another breathtaking climax.

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This Poems Story

It’s about a mans first time with a female that he’s grown to have feelings for and Kong’s just to please her