Let my love in....

They say too much pride is a sin
And if you keep going you'll never win
They also say if you keep your guard up nothing gets let in
No hurt.. No love.. No pain....nothing
Showing you how I feel
My love gets shot down by your soldiers on site
Sitting there confused one what's real
Against your soldiers I still put up a fight
Trying to give you the opposite of what you block out
Showing you the path so we can be on the same route.
I want you to see what I see
Unchain your heart so it can be free
Free... To show me more of your beauty
Don't you think I'm worthy?
Worthy enough to get all of you
In return I'll give you all of me
All we need is attention and consistency
Don't forget communication, love, and honesty.
The necessities...
Are you scared of me?
Scared of what we can be?
Thinking these emotions can cause injury
Let my love be the remedy
Breaking out of my immaturities
Shattering all your insecurities
Making more room for me
So our hearts can connect perfectly
Beautiful bliss til infinity....

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    This Poems Story

    The exact feeling that I had while writing this poem, was loving someone so much wanting to breakdown the wall that the last made them build up.