Let There Be War No More

The struggle is real AK47s and glocks kill,
The way we're killing each other it's a dirty shame,
My brother it's not a game,
Let there be war and bloodshed no more.

Stop the killin from the Midwest of Chicago
to the Pacific and Atlantic shores,
500 homicides in Chicago alo
Will the black population exist
if someone doesn't maintain control of their emotions
when all is said and done.

People take a stand and help to maintain civil decency
We want to be a people remembered for our legacy
Remember it takes a village to raise a child
Don't sit idle while our brothers die.

I'm tired of watching the evening news
And hearing reports of my brothers killing each other
Or getting murdered for petty crimes,
Everyones snitching and dropping dimes,
It doesn't matter if we even the score.
Let there be war and blood shed no more.
©2016 Lynetra Griffin

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