Let True Love Find a Way

So many times I thought of you while living through the years
Were your eyes still shining bright, or were they filled with tears
Did your loving heart beat faster when your mind gave thought of me?
Or did your heart tell a wondering mind, he’s gone, just let it be

Did you ever guess I thought of you on days my heart felt down?
Knowing what I’d had was lost, and no where could be found
I will confess of lying awake with your face in my head
Missing and still loving you, while another shared my bed

Some would say I cheated each time I thought of you
Guess I cheated a thousand times, what more could I do
For the one I’d loved was missing, though present in my thought
I hated me for knowing that your absence was my fault

And then I heard your voice again, saw your beautiful face
Kissed your lips, held you close, my heart began to race
Those lonely days and cheating thoughts were emotions from the past
Your call gave us a second chance, renewing a love that’ll last

A second chance at first love is the road I pray we’ll take
A second chance to turn the tide, a chance to live our fate
You’re my light when all is dim, the warmth that soothes my soul
You’re the one I want beside me wherever I may go

The choice is yours my Darling, my feelings set in stone
Walk with me and be my mate, no matter where we roam
Let a loving heart beat faster, let’s dry up all our tears
Be my mate, my wife, my love, through our remaining years

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