Let us Define the Truth

In search of truth, when Sun was bright,
I wandered all days but no clue in sight.
Not found the answers, no truth at all,
Was tired & puzzled, now whom to call?

I saw owl doubting, my tiresome pursuit.
Asked where is light and how is the truth?
Your way is wrong , your method not right?
Can the truth be found, in a day, so trite?

When nothing is seen, in day all dark,
Why wasting you time in day for spark?
Come with me here, come in the night.
Offer was foolish, so rejected outright.

O owl, this absurd, please listen, please hark,
Camel was shouting, like dog please do not Bark.
Both of you fools, is a fact, do not get hurt.
If want to taste truth then come in desert.

Then Eagle came laughing, flying which high,
Suggested three of us , to look for sky.
and Fish also came with another advise,
All Four come in sea, where truth does lie.

All of a Sudden Sounds turning in Noise,
All were advising the truth as per choice,
To Flower was tree and clouds for Thunder,
I was surprised , puzzled and in Wonder.

All were having their separate attitude,
Whom should rely and whom to be viewed.
At last this was how we settled the dispute,
Very difficult in mapping the truth absolute.

Whatever is beyond, what ever divine,
Reflecting in all , it lighten it shine.
We agreed this way for the truth to define.
A little bit is of yours and A little bit is mine.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

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