Let Us Fight

I've been at war with God, yet never declared war.
I have declared war against the devil, yet haven't dared to fight.
I fight myself, dreaming, reaching, and desiring things
which only give a short lasting pleasure.
I watched my self fall into the sin of the flesh.
I repented, got up, and fought back. As the battle goes black
I suddenly raise my head to sadly watch
as the ones dearest to me becoming lost in the flesh.
While this society made it a norm to look at porn, we became torn.
As boys' only target, becomes what most girls regret.
Commercial, TV shows, magazines, books, everything went dark.
and yet, there are still a few like me, willing to fight back.
God's dear. Making the devil tremble with fear.
Oh the joy when a boy
Respects a girl and treats her like a pearl.
Blessed is the girl who keeps pure until her wedding night.
For she shines bright in the eyes of the Lord.
Birth control, condoms, abortion...so many options.
It's like we are helping each other to dishonor the Lord.
My child don't you know there is much more to life than sex?
From this life to the next...isn't there a greater purpose?
When you are looking at your grave, will you ask yourself,
"Did I reach for the top shelf? Or did I reach for sex and wealth?"
If you die at twenty-five --will you think
"Did I live a good life?" Or will you blink
To see that in your life not only did you lust, but did not trust?

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