Let you down

By Mr Long   

I'm sorry I let you down,
Guess I'm not your friend,
I'm still here,
Even though I don't like beer,
I always was the sheep that was black,
You didn't like me from the start, guess looked too much like mom, guess that's wack,
Well I'm not black, I'm a spitting image of you,
Unfortunately it's true,
I fucked up the same exact way,
I remember birthday's and holidays,
When #1 was still #1,
I've tried dad,
You chose,
Chose to go a road without the kid that fuckin adores you,
Begs for attention until my face is blue,
I can out drive you and my brother combined,
But I guess I'm a disappointment,
Whether on purpose or meant,
I like so many things you do,
But still, oh crap it's buster,
Let's act like we like him,
He's here, and has his kid, let's put on a face,
HI how you been,
Like you give a fuck,
Let's look at my pond and one or two ducks,
OK hit the point what do you want,
Nothing dad just to say hi,
Fuck it, goodbye

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