Let your eyes sink into mine

Right now, we are really close to each other.
But i know we are farther than love, hatred for blood.
We don't hold hands, ,our hearts dont touch.
Squeezed in a hug, my chest pressing against yours.
We are distant still.
But how to get any closer, any closer than this.
Our eyes meet occasionally but they don't sink.
Right here i wanna break down ,
instead i check if my lips are pink.
Thanks for the flowers u sent,
but they smell of perfume.
Know my last name, before you further self-assume
things i am yet to know about myself.
Enchnated by dishonesty, self-impeach is rampant.
This show feeds on our rhythms.
Melodies wrapped in mind games .Stop it .
The pieces of broken mirrors are digging my heart.
Just don't start.
Break down in front of me, don't rush to the corner.
Feel that pain, don't inflict it on others.
Don't hug me when i sulk.
Let your eyes sink into mine, your entire world with it
And i'll know that you undestand.

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