Lethal Love

Life is a monumental beast.
It was an ocean of chaos and anguish,
A maze, creeping into a solemn retreat,
Demoralizing every hope, my life was a discredit.

I was once a mother, a priceless blessing.
I had a beautiful child, he was my everything,
Dedicated with my heart, my soul, my dream,
In the deep dark side of my life, he is my glim.

Professionally, I was a healthcare provider,
Saving one’s life, their smiles are my reliever.
The passion I had with the labor of love,
It was my felicity, my drive when I wear the glove.

Then, my life was crumbled by a sudden mess
My son, a victim of a lethal virus puts me in a test
The pain of saving one’s life but I can’t to save him
Was the most hurtful torture to endure and grim.

There are words to be defined when a wife loses husband,
But none for a mother who loses a son.
I would rather die spending another life with you,
Than to live a life of ordinary breathing without you.

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