Let\’s be an upsetter

Problems are many , but this is a crisis they say , why?
Just because in this crisis , rich & poor , all equal we lay?
This shall too pass is what everyone says , but this cage-trapped feeling , for exactly how many days ?
Just pray to god and accept the truth , but praying isn't working , may I know where's the telephone booth?
They also say that the world is closed for renovation , but for reopening the globe , where's the most in need self innovation?
This is neither for the covid nor for our lives , this is for the globe , the nature and the melting ice
You don't know the future , tomorrow is unknown , but karma returns for real , is what this crisis has shown
If you see the world better tomorrow , you are ready to continue your merry life and forget the nature's sorrow but ,
If tomorrow's sun brings something better for you , how to not exploit it , is what known by just a few
Life will come back to normal but that's not the issue , in the ethical karma game , this covid is just a piece of tissue
I might sound stupid , but the reality , the actuality, is even more crooked
This is neither just about the nation ,
Nor just about the world-wide situation
It is about the day by day lowering human kind , which is actually not left so kind , for fulfilling our dispensable needs , till when are we going to be so blind ?
Stop the rapes , stop the trafficking , stop the violence , indefinite number of crimes that I can't even list , but those are equally important , that I missed
All will not change suddenly with a blink , just stop for a while and think , just stop where you are and take a break , stop harming and observe , what more the nature can do is still opaque . But remember , after some time , calling yourself a human? - you'll not even deserve
No matter what age , we must change
It's not impossible, we can still be better ; not for proving , but for improving , and for the unpleasant removing , each one of us , let's be an upsetter ✨

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