Let’s become their backbone

The morning was rosy red
As it veiled with the fragrant roses on the bed.
Millions prayed St. Valentine for
Bringing in peace and eliminating abhor.

But hey! The violent guns - the roses turned bloody!

Not again! Protecting our lives, they laid their owns
and made us indebted in their lives' loans...

O, my people! Let's stand for the families of our brothers
Who sacrificed so much for our Mother.
When they can readily lay their lives, Can't we support their families & 
Let's compensate our brothers together like allies
By becoming the backbone of their families
Let's not let their backs bent
And rebuild a smile that away went
Let's become their families' backbone
Give them no more chances to mourn.
They can recuperate from the sorrowful illness 
Only by our rigorous support and willingness.

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