Lets Get Married

lets get married and explore what being faithful and obiedent means,
were more than conquers baby were tighter than a hell's kitchen team.
lets hold hands on the beach as we walk amongst the water and its breeze,
as you lay out your inner-most,i'll lay out mines then slowly together well freeze.
as we become one your tears will be mines,and the blood you shed will redirect it's way into my veins,
sweetheart once were married we'll be far from diffrent but rather the same.
Lets get mariied baby take away all my insecurites creating me into a man god wanted me to be,
Just give it to to god,let go of your sins and sincerly marry me.
Lets get married allow me to kiss those succlent lips of yours all the way to heaven,
when our souls are put to rest,we'll be side by side in the pearly gates of heaven.
Allow me to be just enough to cater to every aspect of your heart,
just show me how,sex me all night long,baby just tell me where to start.
right now im at a stage of confusing with this love wso call,
baby please dont dissapoint me for this love we withold i honestly dont wont to fall.
lets get married lets shame the devil overcoming every obstacle he throw our way,
together we must pray for god to show us the way.
they say a family that prays together stays together,well baby were all we have,
so therefore every spiritual aspect we must hold onto,rather grab.
baby lets get married freeing ourselves to become as one,
for we are heaven sent,so therfore god's will must be done.
I love you Angel MARRY ME.

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