Lets go feed the PIGEONS

“Birds of a feather flock together”
is how the old saying goes,
the friendly flaps of their delicate feathers
they appear to have no foes;
except for each other.

they hang around, all day long
feeding off the people,
they peck and they scrape
at all they can get...
let’s go feed the pigeons

it’s a circus in front of the steeple stairs
as people go passing by,
with peanuts and popcorn
and all kinds of candy...
let’s go feed the pigeons

some will sit high above
this three ring affair,
enjoying the show, as people do,
for some dislike to share.

but that doesn’t matter, it’s a way of life
in the busy streets of Florence.
yet they all seem to live the best they can
from the tourist’s spare ten cents.

So, let’s feed the pigeons
and join the parade
of their friendly flapping wings,
enjoying life with bounteous skies
while the afternoon church bell rings.

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Key Words : Free Verse, Story, Pigeons, Feeding, Italy, Florence, Duomo

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    This Poems Story

    I was sitting outside the Duomo in Florence, Italy were there were guys on the street selling popcorn to tourists so that they could feed pigeons. Which of course would attract a lot of them.