let’s not go there

My feet trying to match
Those little boxy tiles on the floor
I realize
Within minutes down
That my thoughts are way more hungrier than me
Going crazy to fit my steps
Fit my moves
Into those perfect pieces
Of the puzzled ground.

Had I not focused on my feet too much
My ears would've gotten into
The conversation faster
Of where to riddle down
The hunger at present
Carried in our bodies "Let's not go there"
Merely the first words my body uttered
Wanting to be heard, to be understood
But there it was
My fate
Glued to those feet
Overriding my smallest
And softest gasp

All through the way there
My mind juggled
Between which place to end up
Between which route to take
To curb my hunger
My thoughts

I reach with not a soft veiled shade
But I sky in
With a thud
A fall
Shaking and breaking
Not just my skin
But my hunger

A thud
That's what caused it all
Muddled every plan
Every move
Every step

Cradling myself in pain
My prudence answered
The second route was better
The second place was fuller

Lying There
Clenching my body tighter
The only urge
That rushed clear
Out of those endless cries
Was to undo,

Those unbounded spheres
Of doubts,
The pacing dust of slipping thoughts,
The madness of chaos,
Which silenced
The drops of clarity in that moment,
And left me shattered shapelessly
Around the perfect pieces
Of the puzzled ground.

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