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Let\'s ride a new beginning


Let's bury the hatchet
And come together
To ride a new beginning of our story
And open a new chapter of love.

All days I miss those days we were one
Those time we still share United love
Those days you can't wish me hatred.

Not once but often
I regret losing you at first
I felt foolish for treating you awkwardly.

Here I am again
Feeling sorry for what I may have done wrong
Just letgo and let's pick a new sets of love
And start with the Romeo and Juliet scenes.

Gone from South to West
I saw no one like you
Not beauty, your love is naturally irresistible.

Here I am with thousand sorry
And promise you more love
Come back and let begin sweet moments
With eternity love.

Let's ride a new beginning.

- Sulaimon Khalid

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