Let’s Smoke

Find myself by myself, lost inside my mind,
Memories of pain and anger is all i seem to find.
Perfect vision but wander this life like im blind,
Wondering how long i must wait until it is my time.
How do you stay strong when inside you are dying,
Telling jokes, giving hugs and sharing smiles instead of crying.
Energies unstable, yet somehow spirit is flying,
And somehow still he is dying.

Can't let you in, you may serve the final blow,
Im in here alone, a place no one will know.
Stare in my face, nothing will show,
Look in my eyes, see the fiercest of glow.
The rhythms of my heart vibrating ever so low,
Abandoned at a tempo that never will grow.
Walking around with plenty luggage in tow,
So i stay smoking, eyelids forever low...
Let's smoke!

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