Lets Talk About It

17 percent of students seriously consider suicide
Their hearts are fried
13 percent create a plan
But it's better than...
The 8 percent who try
The others can only ask why
Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year
They all live in fear
160,000 students stay home everyday
Just because of how much they weigh
Because a boy likes a boy, they're treated like a toy
They're thrown to the side
Just because there will be no bride
Students who experience bullying are twice as likely
to have negative effects
The question is, who's next..?
Effects include sleep difficulties, trouble adjusting to school,
depression, and anxiety
The blame is on society
Cyber Bullying needs to be addressed in a consistent way
So that's not the way we end the day.
We need to accept each other as we are
This has gone way too far
Love each other
Love yourself
Because in the end
You may be your only friend.

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